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So close and so savavge - Photo exhibition

A photo exhibition of the local wildlife by Denis GIRARD.

Plants & Company - the 3 Discoveries

You want to know everything about the well-being of the plants of the mountain! For 3 days, Marie-Claude brings you and you discover the happiness and pleasure of plants and wild flowers ...

Plants & Company - Botanical Walk

Enjoy a stroll with Marie-Claude to discover a variety of mountain flora. After a picnic in the heart of the countryside, you will end your day with a workshop, ensuring that you leave with a bit more knowledge about the everyday uses of local alpine plants and with your self-made bottle of beauty oil.

Hatha yoga, the 5 elements

Discovery of the five elements through our body. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, parallel to the chakras, energy wheel located at the level of the spine. Posture (asana), breathing (pranyama), mantra, visualization, mudra (yoga of fingers)

Discovery of the village with a horse-drawn carriage ride

Enjoy a ride in a horse-drawn carriage and discovery, during one hour, the differents village landscapes.

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a "dynamic" yoga, a series of poses where breathing is the guiding thread. The poses will fit everyone (from the beginner to the confirmed person).

Pilates & Stretching in Nature

Ludivine Mabboux offers courses of stretching and pilates in collective in the middle of nature with a view on the Mont Blanc. Accessible to everyone !

Plants & Company - Conference "Health through plants"

You are curious to know more about the use of the plants that surround us: infusions, oils ... this slide-conference is made for you !!!Marie-Claude ti suggerisce di trovare piante interessanti per la salute, l'uso della famiglia, discussioni di gruppo ...

Farm visit 'Les Montagnards"

Come and experience what life is like down at the farm... Meet the farmer's wife and the farmyard animals, whilst also finding out how they make Reblochon cheese before you have a chance to try some !!

Farm visit "GAEC Val Mont-Blanc"

It is at the heart of this family farm that the Paget family cultivates its love for agricultural life. With pleasure and passion, they will tell you the cheese making and share a tasting of it in a traditional atmosphere.


Discovery of biathlon by fun confrontations, secured and accessible to all, with Air and lead riffle shooting, a run along a path adapted to your level, and, penalty rounds if you miss your targets.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a gentle practice of traditional Chinese medicine based on movement and breathing. Qi Gong harmonizes the energy in the body to maintain one's health. Courses by Karine Perrin

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