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AJNA Beauty

Wellness, beauty treatments, energy treatments (reiki).

Karine Perrin - Aculifting, plantar reflexology, qi gong

Karine offers at home: - Aculifting: natural facelift by acupuncture to fight against aging and boost epidermis. - Plantar reflexology: stimulation of different reflex zones to restore the body balance. - Qi gong : energy practice based on slow movements to the rhythm of breathing.

SAS Patregnani Sylvain

Company specialised in masonry, demolition, sawing, stone cladding, and reinforced concrete.

Beauty and wellness at home

MOMENT OF HOME RELAXATION Enjoy a relaxing time at home. After your day of skiing or hiking, or just for fun, treat yourself to the benefits of a personalized massage.

SARL Tavian Patregnani

Leveling, demolition and snow clearance.

Unicpic and Unicdesign galleries

The Unicpic Gallery is both the photo studio of internationally renowned photographer Patricia de Gorostarzu and her private gallery. You can make an appointment with the artist for a portrait session and / or to discover his original works sold in unique prints. The UnicDesign Gallery is the exhibition space for creations and works by the pioneer of eco-design Fabrice Peltier. He also receives you by appointment to present his work: objects and recycled design furniture, sculptures, composition

SARL Marin Maurice Landscaper

Maucice Marin Landscaper was created in 1971 and is divided into 4 sectors of activity: the creation & maintenance of parks and gardens, firewood and snow removal.

Butcher's shop, cooked meats, caterer "Chez Flo"

Butcher's shop, cooked meats, caterer "Fiquet" : handmade products.

Joly-Pottuz Jeweller's

Design, fabrication and repair of bespoke jewellery and watches. Fabrication of the Megève and Savoy Crosses, and snow crystal jewellery. Engravings, birth jewellery, Tissot, Swatch, Pandora…

Juan Carlos Machuca - Wellness massage

Stress, fatigue, muscular tension ... Wellness massage is the solution for you! Juan Carlos Machuca, 10 years work experience in wellness massage offers: Swedish, sports and hot stone massage.

"La ferme du Val Mont-Blanc" cheese shop

Available directly from the Farm: Dairy products produced by the Paget Family and their 30 cows, including the Tomme, Abondance, Reblochon, Raclette cheeses and yogourt, as well as cuts of meat and a variety of local products.

La Cave des 2 Seigneur

Whether you are looking for great vintages or regional wines, beers, whiskies… you are sure to find exactly what you want. To accompany a special dish, as a gift or quite simply for the pleasure, you will always find good advice to suit your taste and your purse! New area for private wine tastings.

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