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Climbing Centre

Come and climb in a extraordinary place, inside the pillar of the bridge in Saint-Gervais! Choose from forty different routes ranging from 3c to 8a.

Climbing school - group lessons for young children 5 to 8 y.o.

Discover climbing and learn the base techniques, whilst having fun at the same time! Initiation for children from 5 to 8 years.

Climbing Workshops

Climbing workshop for 5 half-days on different natural sites with progression to different levels and medals awarded on Friday.

Yves Pollet-Villard via ferrata

This activity is a cross between hiking and mountaineering. 700 m long, the via ferrata "Yves Pollet-Villard" is equipped with ladders, footbridges, ramps and cables. Situated in the Borderan Mountain, the via ferrata is near the Aravis Pass road.

Via ferrata

With a guide you wiil learn how to overcome your fear of heights and master your emotions in complete security. A cable or a handrail all along the rock enables you to self belay with the aid of a tether.


From hiking to climbing, there is only one step, do it with confidence and maximum safety. Beginner or virtuoso in climbing, you have a huge playground available in Mont Blanc country!

Via Ferrata des Evettes

In a sumptuous setting, the Via ferrata des Evettes is an invitation to try a via ferrata. Follow the path of the Gardes following the green arrow and the information panels.

Via Ferrata of Curalla

The only via ferrata opposite Mont-Blanc.

Climbing - Private Lesson per hour

Private lesson - indoor - per hour

Agatha's rock Via Ferrata

The Thones via ferrata is the perfect example of the french via ferrata, close to town, with exposed sections, well equipped with safety in mind. Take it seriously, the whole town is watching! Special via ferrata equipment is necessary.

Mont-Blanc Climbing

A climbing arena of 1.250 m² with more than 120 routes and 40 boulders Level : From beginner to 8A Classes and workshops throughout the year. Open daily.

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