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Hiking 1/2 day - Marmots

Discover the marmots, this adorable mountain animal, with a guide.

Half day hike - Chamois Hike

Put your walking

Half-day Trail Running Discovery

Initiation/Discovery of Trail Running.

Hiking tour around the Mont-Blanc

Tour of the Mont-Blanc in 7 days, an original and sporty approach, mostly off the GR paths. New this summer: Tour of the Mont-Blanc with porter service. 1/2 Tour of Mont-Blanc in 4 days - take your time to discover the complete tour in stages.

Advanced Trail Running - Day

You would like to prepare for a race, improve your effort management, have a better foot position in order to improve cushioning and shock absorption, a better stride and save energy?

Hiking with a guide

Both for easy hikes or something a little more demanding, a guide will help you to discover the local Alpine flora, fauna, heritage and landscapes.